Breathe Again “immune boosting” essential oil


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Did you know that the body is measured in frequencies? Everything we do either takes away or adds to our frequencies, are you elevating with your decisions? Did you know essential oils provide some of the greatest healing frequencies to the human body? Essential oils are medicinal getting its potency from the herbs of the land. Now we must understand breathing, breathing is the bodies first source of food, and provider of oxygen to the blood cells. Making sure you get the proper flow of oxygen is critical to insuring life longevity and overall survival to anything living. The more acidic the blood, there is a lack of oxygen bringing you closer to death with a shortage of cells because they start to feast on each other in search of oxygen rich cells. How do we breathe? We have something called a respiratory system, which allows us to take in oxygen, and filter out carbon dioxide... this will also help you overstand, if you understand how plants allow us to live. Herbs come from the plant, essential oil is extracted from the plant... it goes straight to the cells, and get to work. The lungs work with the circulatory system, which helps the lungs pump oxygen rich blood to the cells. They blood collects the carbon dioxide and waste, sends it back to the lungs and is released when you exhale. Asthma, bronchitis, viruses.. slow down your breathing meaning you’re storing toxins in your blood. This area is affected through breathing, if no oxygen is collected within 5 minutes, death becomes present. Essential oils will help you open up the lungs, by allowing an instant flow of oxygen to the cells. Also essential oils purify the air when a time like viruses are present, your air becomes filtered when using essential oils killing the bacteria. Simply breathing and taking in essentials oils for about 30m-1hr a day can do tremendous healings to the body. This blend is for immunity, with a weak immune system you can’t fight off disease. Essential oils are a great way to enhance the oxygen flow in the body, to keep your organs, and mainly the liver strong and ready to help fight off any viruses or a variety of other help issues that may effect the respiratory system.. also essential oils are used to help fight other things like inflammation being one with aches and pains, fungus, hair growth, acne, slow down aging, increasing energy, enhancing mood, relieving stress, and more.. made with the best quality herbs, with no dilution allowing longevity.

The size of the bottle is 10ml, with a dropper top. A little goes a long way, so not many drops needed to get the job done.



Image of Breathe Again “immune boosting” essential oil Image of Breathe Again “immune boosting” essential oil Image of Breathe Again “immune boosting” essential oil Image of Breathe Again “immune boosting” essential oil